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     PROMICO IMAGEN S.L. is an audiovisual production company founded by Manuel Gómez Cardeña (1951), journalist and producer, in Seville in 2001. Emilio González García is in charge of development and content, and Mónica Cuadrado Estepa acts as line producer and is in charge of administration.
     Since October 2002, the company has been producing the weekly program El público lee for CANAL SUR 2 ANDALUCÍA, to encourage and promote reading. The screenwriters’ workshop at PROMICO IMAGEN, led by Fernando Hugo Rodrigo, has been in charge of the scripts for La Banda, CANAL SUR 2 ANDALUCÍA and CANAL SUR TV, since November, 2006.
     By means of PasoAlSur, S.L. (2005), of which PROMICO IMAGEN holds 70%, that is, all active assets pertaining to PasoAlSur Producciones, S.L. (1998), the production company has acquired ample experience in the following:
     - TV movies co-produced with Pausoka, S.A. for FORTA: Pleno al 15, Clara, Asalto Informático, María la Portuguesa, El harén de Aníbal, Autopsia, Entre cien fuegos, Mobbing & Etxekoak.
     - Documentaries such as Andalucía Mágica (13 episodes), for CANAL SUR 2 ANDALUCÍA; Orgulloso el viento hería, about the Vélez Blanco castle; Los juegos moriscos de Purchena.
     - Docu-shows such as La Vida en un día (39 epsiodes), for CANAL SUR 2 ANDALUCÍA.
     - Entertainment (music and comedy) such as Si te he visto no me acuerdo (4 episodes), for CANAL SUR TV.
     At this time, PROMICO IMAGEN is preparing the documentary series Arquitectura Viva, by Fernando H. Rodrigo and the TV movie 6 Motivos, to be directed by Vicente Monsonís and co-produced with Terra a la Vista, a production company in Valencia.

ALICIA PRODUCE was founded in 1997 by Julio Medem.

Own production:
· 'Chaotic Ana' (2006-2007). A fictional feature film written and directed by Julio Medem, co-produced by Sogecine, Volcano Films & Alicia Produce. Festivals at which it has participated: Toronto International Film Festival, London International Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival.
· 'What´s under your hat?' (2006) A creative documentary written and directed by Lola Barrera and Iñaki Peñafiel. It received backing from Programa Media, the Basque Government, ICAA and the ONCE Foundation, and was bought by TVE (Spanish Television). Festivals: Opened at the Valladolid Film Festival (2006). Best Art Documentary “Enrique Grau”, Bogota Film Festival 2006. Best Documentary Award “primavera cinematográfica de Lorca” 2007.
It has participated at the following festivals: Eurodok (Oslo 2006); Spanish Film Festival, Australia; Doku.Arts (Berlin)…
     · 'Ones per cent: Schizophrenia' (2006). DA creative documentary written and directed by Ione Hernández. Opened at the Seville Film Festival (2006). It has participated in the Cartagena Film Festival (Colombia), at Bahia (Brasil), at DOCSDF (Mexico)
     · 'Juego (Game)' (2006). A fictional short feature written and directed by Ione Hernández.
· 'The Basque Ball: Skin Against Stone' (2003). A documentary feature film that opened at the San Sebastian International Film Festival (September, 2003), and was shown in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Venezuela, Uruguay and Puerto Rico. 
     - Special EGEDA award for best Documentary Feature Film. Nominated to the Goya Awards for Best Documentary (2004) by the Spanish Academy, and nominated for Best Documentary by the European Film Academy.
     - Jury Award for best Latin American Documentary and Fipresci award for best Latin American Feature Documentary at the Guadalajara Film Festival (Mexico) (2004).
     - Best Documentary Screenplay Award from the Screenwriters Association of Catalonia. IBAIA award (Basque Producers Association) to the riskiest production (2004).
     - International Film Festivals at which it has participated: San Sebastian, London, Dublin, Sundance, Brussels, Havana, Cartagena, Seattle, Sahara, Wiesbaden, Australia, Melbourne…

Film Production Services:
     · 'Sex and Lucia' (Sogecine-2001)
     · 'Lovers od The Arctic Circle' (Sogecine-1998)

Other Production Services:
Videoclip: 'El extranjero' (Emi Odeón-1999)
     · Commercials: Heineken (Ovideo Pub-2003), Balay (Ovideo Pub-2002), Movistar (Eddie Saeta-1999).

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